Beauty In The Heartbreak

Love<3 Peace<3 Equality<3

This is ridiculous.

I can only access this tumblr from my phone. It’s been saying there’s suspicious activity on my account when I use a computer… And I never changed my email address (which doesn’t exist anymore) so I can’t even receive am email to change my password. Fail


No, I’m not okay… The only time I’m okay is when I’m doing something to keep my mind off of you… and with no friends around… I’m never doing something. So, hun, I’m not okay.

I remember the days when I actually had some excitement in my life…. these days I just sit at home alone every single night. All of my good friends have dispersed… they’re all doing their own things with their significant others. A lot of them have moved pretty far away… My friends around here work all the time and never want to go out… My best friend (boyfriend) is at school in michigan and I’m lucky if I get to talk to him for 10 minutes a day.. Honestly, I just need somebody to talk to in order to keep myself from going crazy.  It’s like I’m a different person these days. I’ve been having terrible anxiety mostly at night. I’m up for hours violently shaking, crying, thinking about everything I could possibly think about. My health is shit too so that’s just adding to everything. Hypothyroidism and very strong risk factors for glaucoma? The doctors told me it’s rare to see both of these in someone as young as me…  really? great!  What’s next? Not to be depressing but damn, wouldn’t surprise me if something really serious happens to me and my health by 30.  AAAHHHHH well, I just needed to let this all out… YAY TUMBLR!

You’re welcome!


I’ve lost 8 lbs in less than 2 weeks… Honestly I can’t even believe it! It’s crazy what a little exercise and watching what you eat can do. :D

Maths Time Joy- Walk With ME

All of these “Majestic” playlists are ABSOLUTELY AMAZINGGGGGG

I need to live by these words.

I need to live by these words.